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There are millions of people who reject right-wing authoritarian populism and the left’s insistence on ideological conformism.

This newsletter is for them.

Although it will cover global themes, its focus will be on the UK. My country is both a warning to others and a morbid case study of what happens when loud-mouthed charlatans run riot.

It’s for people who reject tribalism, who bristle when those in political and cultural authority tell others to avoid contentious subjects for the sake of keeping in with their peers.

Every week I will put up new pieces. There will also be interviews, reviews and podcasts.

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I know that we are in hard times, but if you can afford to contribute, please think about subscribing. I don’t quite know yet what the balance between paid and free content will be. I will keep content outside the paywall. But some content will be for readers with paid subscriptions. If you subscribe, not only will you keep me writing, but you will allow me to provide free pieces to those who cannot pay. With luck I hope to move on and make enough to hire interesting writers to contribute guest slots.

Journalism has a price. It’s all paid for in the end.  You might think the online news or social media site is free. But Facebook or some other corporations are making money off the back of writers by taking their content for nothing, and making money from you as well as they sell your data to advertisers.

There’s no click bait or advertising on this site. We are upfront about the price. It comes out at about £1.40 a week, which is not only less than a coffee, but at the time of writing about one fifth of the cost of a small glass of bad wine in a London pub. That’s four sips.

Subscribers can post comments. I will try to reply to them all. And even if I cannot I will read and think about them all.  For those of you who have had as much as you can take of trolls, I promise to keep the tone civil. Robust argument is essential. Screaming insults will be deleted.

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About Nick Cohen

Nick is a journalist and author of What’s Left, ­­ which predicted the rise of Corbynism, and You Can’t Read This Book,  a defence of freedom of expression.

He has worked as a columnist on the Observer, and written for the Spectator, Standpoint, Prospect and many other magazines. In 2015, the year before the Brexit referendum, his articles on Nigel Farage won the European Press Prize. The judges said they “enjoyed Cohen’s zest, rhetoric and clear determination to tackle his targets straight on. This is opinion writing in a classic tradition.”

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